How to Start
Your Own
Chess Club

School chess clubs are the most common starting point for new players in the United States today. Clubs bring together players, parents, and coaches, the three elements needed to start and kindle the flame of chess. The game best flourishes where clubs are local and convenient.

So how might you start a school chess club? Take a look at these links. If you have resources we should post, please contact the SCA Webmaster

Russ Erickson, SCA's training consultant to schools and our 1989 Coach of the Year, has started chess clubs in a dozen schools. Russ has a wealth of information and teaching materials, and is always ready to help get your chess club "up and running." Contact him at russ@schoolchess.org.

SCA Vice President Lorene Lampert gives advice on starting your club

Another perspective from rockfordchess.org