All about the Bye

Bye Request  

A bye request indicates the times and/or rounds for which you do not wish to be paired for a game. Bye requests are used when players cannot attend 1 or more rounds of a tournament because of an unavoidable conflict. Most players play all rounds so request no byes. Only request a bye if you need one. If you requested a bye in error, notify the directors table immediately. A bye request should be requested before the start of the tournament. A bye request is irrevocable once the round has begun.


What is a bye?  

A bye at a chess tournament means that a player wants to participant in the tournament, but will come late, leave early, or miss some of the games because of other commitments (ex: birthday party, other sports games or practices). If there is an odd number of players the computer will issue a bye for the odd player. This player will receive a full point bye for that round.


How do I request a bye?  

When you register for the tournament ask for a bye if you need one. If you are registering in person ask for a bye request form. If you are registering on line, e-mail the registrar. If you request a bye for the last round of the tournament before round 1 begins, it will be a 1/2 point bye (subject to the 1/2 point bye limit). After round 1 begins final round bye requests are at the discretion of the Tournament Director. – The only exception is the 7 round Statewide Tournament. All 7th round byes in the Statewide tournament are zero point byes.


Do I need to request a bye?  

No. It is better if you play all your games, but if you are unable to play all rounds, you should request a bye.


What happens when I request a bye?   You will not be paired for the round/time you request a bye for. The computer will give you ½ point bye for one missed game. All the other games you miss you will receive zero points. You can request as many byes as you need, but only 1 will be 1/2 point.

For the Statewide Tournament ONLY you can have up to two ½ point byes. In any tournament other than the Statewide Tournament you can have one ½ point bye. A requested bye in the last round of the Statewide tournament will be a zero point bye.