Pre-register to play in a School Chess Association tournament.

Online registration closes:
Over-the-board tournament: 8:00PM 1 day before the tournament.
Online (virtual) tournament: 8:00PM 2 days before the tournament.
Online Statewide Primary/Elementary Championship: 8:00PM 4 days before the tournament (Tue before Sat).

If you wish to register in advance for a partner event (Bughouse or Doubles) click here.

Note: A pre-registration submitted without a valid SCA player ID number will be treated as a lost ID card. You will receive a new card at the tournament and be charged the usual $2 lost-card fee.

"Pre-registered" means you're signed up, but not yet paid. You're Registered when we receive your fee for the tournament. You may pay at the door, by check in advance, or online with PayPal.

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Choose one:
1) I know my SCA Player ID number.
2) I don't know my SCA Player ID number.
I've played in an SCA tournament (including summer Chess Camp) before.
3) I don't have an SCA player ID number.
I'm a new player -- I've never played in an SCA tournament (including summer Chess Camp).
4) I'm an adult registering for an adult-allowed section.

Please report any problems in this registration process to the registrar, Ty Turner
or to the webmaster, Bill Merrill

Online pre-registration is available for some, but not all SCA tournaments. The following tournaments cannot be handled online:

Team vs. Team: Register at the door
Tournament Schedule