New players
Players with lost ID numbers

New players who've never played in an SCA chess tournament need to provide grade, school, and contact information. We use this information to run scholastic tournaments and to send newsletter announcements twice a year.

Returning players who've lost their ID numbers need to provide the same information. We use this information to locate and re-assign your SCA ID number.

Privacy policy: We don't give out your information to anybody, and we send only legitimate SCA information to you at the e-mail you provide. We're into chess, not spam, and that's that.

A future version of this page will securely take your complete contact information online. For now, please print page 2 of this form, complete the information, and mail to:

School Chess Association
5901 Laurel Ave Apt 134
Golden Valley MN 55416-1070
Postmark your form by the Tuesday before your tournament. After Tuesday, don't mail, but bring both form and payment to the tournament.

Include your check for $24.00 payable to the "School Chess Association". This includes the $2.00 fee for the SCA ID card. You may take the $1 sibling discount if your brother or sister has already registered for this tournament. The first player from a family may not take the discount. Once you have an SCA ID card the fee for a tournament is $22.00. Hang on to your barcoded player card -- a new one is 2 bucks.

Download new player form