Special Tournaments
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Rated chess  

Players in this section must be current members of the United States Chess Federation and bring their USCF membership card. Check USCF website for information regarding fees. Memberships can be purchased at the tournament site. Bring chess clock and chess set as there will be a limited number of chess sets available . All USCF rules are followed. Rated chess is available at all tournaments except the Statewide Primary & Elementary Championship, April Open and Grade Level Tournaments.


Regular tournament  

At our regular tournaments we offer four sections: Primary (K-3), Elementary (4-6) JR High (7-9) and Rated (K-12). Younger players may always play up. Rated players must either be or become a United States Chess Federation member.


Grade level  

Players compete within their own grade level in grades K-8. Home-schooled students are placed in the section that has players of the same age. In addition, there is one 9th 12th grade section. Team awards for Grade Levels based upon top three players in each grade section from each school.


SCA Primary and Elementary Statewide Championship  

The biggest annual chess tournament in Minnesota is open to players in 6th grade or under. More individual and team awards than any Minnesota chess tournament. This is a two day event. At door registration is from 7:45am to 8:15am. Top 16 finishers in both the primary and elementary tournaments qualify to participate in the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. Team awards based on top four finishers of each school. One does not have to be a member of a team to play.

ATTENTION COACHES: Team rooms at the Statewide Tournament will again be available at a charge. If you are interested please notify: lorene@schoolchess.org for information about the cost of these rooms .



Each team has two players. Teams alternate their moves without visual or auditory communication against other team of two. Sections based on the grade of the younger player. Adults are welcome to play with a school-aged partner.


Double Bug House   Four players play on two boards. When pieces are captured the piece is given to the team member whose color is that piece. If they choose to use the piece they give up their turn to move one of their other pieces. The piece may be used at any time during the game and can be used at any square. First player to win scores a victory for the team. There will be two sections, K-6 and 7-12. The youngest player determines section, older player can include adult. This tournament may end earlier than the open section.
Team vs Team and Snowball Open  

5 player teams will play against other 5-player team. Number 1 board will play number 1 board from other team; number 2 board plays number 2 board on other team and so on.

Team consists of players who attend the same school; if your team does not have 5 players you can participate and forfeit boards. Your school can have more than 1 team participate. Three sections K-3, K-6 and K-12. Snowball Open will be a regular open tournament for K-3, K-6, K-9 and K-12. K-12 will be rated.


Twin Cities Middle School/Junior high Championship and Burnsville Open - 4 sections.  

There will be an OPEN RATED SECTION for K-12. In this section a top team will be given an award based on the top three players. Players in this section must be USCF members, or purchase memberships onsite. The Twin Cities Middle School championship Section is open to players 9th grade and younger. Team awards based on top 3 finishers from each school. One does not have to be a member of a team to play. There will be many added trophies in this section . Elementary Section-Open to any player in grade 6 and below that does not want to play in the other two sections. Primary Section-Open to player's grade 3 and below. Middle School may run later than other sections, but the other sections will be done by about 3:30pm.


Tournament of Champions and April Open  

Tournament of Champions and APRIL Open - Two special sections for the top players in Statewide Tournament. K-3 and 4-6 invited players all receive chess plaques . The winner of these sections will be the Statewide Elementary and Primary Champion. Time control will consist of 60 minutes per player. This is a USCF rated Tournament. Also, available open sections for all other players in K-3, 4-6, and 7-12.


    Web Site. www.schoolchess.org The SCA web site has been extremely successful; it is now one of the primary methods of communication for the SCA. This year, please check the web site for late-breaking news (such as weather cancellations); updated information will be published here first.