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PLEASE NOTE! PLEASE NOTE! Location changes! Please note the following SCA tournaments have changed locations: Our January 4th Snowball Open and Double Bug tournament will be at Sandburg Middle School in Golden Valley, address is: 2400 Sandburg Lane in Golden Valley. The January 18th Frozen Open and Team vs. Team tournament will be at Fair School at Pilgrim Lane in Plymouth. The March 21 Statewide Grade Level championship will be at Fair School at Pilgrim Lane in Plymouth. The April 18th Anarae Memorial Twin City Jr High/Middle School championship will be at Fair School at Pilgrim Lane in Plymouth as well. Mark these on your calendars; more information to come of course as we get closer to the dates.

The Snowball Open will be a regular Open Tournament with three sections a K-3, K-6 and 7-9. K-12 will be rated.

The Double Bug section consists of two players of a team, one member plays black and the other white. The oldest player on each team will play against each other. A check mate on one board is a check mate on both boards. A draw on one board is a draw on both boards.
Mail your 2 member team names to: Lorene@schoolchess.org, with payment of $22.00 per player.

Registration will be at door until 8:30am. There will be a limited number of tables and chairs available. Please bring your own...

Check the tournament Schedule for address and additional information.

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We're no longer sending updated tournament dates by mail. To receive the latest tournament dates, please update your e-mail address by contacting registrar@schoolchess.org.

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Congratulations to our 2019
Statewide Tournament Champions
Well done!
Primary Champion
Aakash Thurairajalingam
Elementary Champion
Jordan Timm


Congratulations 2019
Coach of the Year!

Jason Kellen


Congratulations 2019
Chess Camp Champs!

John Talghader
Championship Section

Mateo Cancino
Novice Section


Resources: Check out these recommended instructional books.

USCF's Scholastic Chess page Check it out

Why teach chess to children?? Click here to find out.

Parents -- check out this tournament chess primer by the U.S. Chess Center

Wanted: Chess Coaches
There are many schools that need either a chess coach or someone with chess knowledge. If you are in Junior/Senior High School you may qualify as a chess assistant. Most chess clubs are after school, but some are before school or in the evening. If you are interested, please call 763-593-1168 or write to:

School Chess Association
5901 Laurel Ave Apt 134
Golden Valley, MN 55416-1070

Chess Clubs
Does your school have a chess club? If not, contact the School Chess Association.
We may be able to help your school start a club!!
Contact Lorene at Lorene@SchoolChess.org or 763-593-1168

The School Chess Association is dedicated to providing chess activities for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

In support of our mission, the SCA provides the following services:

  • Run chess tournaments
  • Provide chess camps
  • Develop chess clubs
  • Promote instruction

The SCA is dedicated to providing the best programs for all participants.  The SCA runs only non-elimination tournaments.  We believe that all students should have the greatest opportunity to play chess and that no one should be eliminated from a tournament.

This web site is devoted to providing information about the SCA and other chess activities.

For more information, e-mail Lorene Lampert or call us at (763)-593-1168

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