Partner Event (Bughouse & Doubles) Advance Registration

All Partner Event advance registrations are done via e-mail, not the web-form method used for other tournaments.

All Partner Event advance registrations must be pre-paid via PayPal.  No mail-in advance registration for Partner Events accepted.  How to pay SCA for anything at anytime using PayPal is explained here.

If you don't have a partner you may register as a single and you will be partnered with another single.

Advance registration e-mails must be received before 8:00 pm the day before the tournament.

1. Pay via PayPal.  $22 per current SCA player with correct SCA ID#.  $24 per player new to SCA or without correct SCA ID#.  $1 discount for 2nd sibling paid to play the same day and locale. Both partners must be paid to register as a team. If only one partner is paid, the paid partner will be registered as a "single" until the other partner is paid.

2. Using the e-mail template below, add the following information to your PayPal receipt and forward it to AND

a.       Tournament name or date.

b.      Section to register in.  See home page or schedule page for available sections.  Lowest grade partner determines lowest allowable section. At least 1 partner must be grade 9 or below.   If playing up, please indicate that is what you intend.

c.       Player name.

d.      Player SCA ID#, if known.

e.      Your partner's name and grade or "Single".

f.        If correct ID# is not supplied then also include:

                           i.      Grade (or Adult)

                         ii.      School (if not adult)

                        iii.      E-mail address if player is new to SCA.  If not supplied, the forwarder's e-mail address will be associated with the new player in our database.

Forward PayPal receipt to:,


Add E-mail template below to forwarded receipt (may duplicate in one e-mail if registering both partners):






Partner's name:

Partner's grade:


If no correct ID above:

My grade:

My school:


If new to SCA:

My e-mail address: